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Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

October 30, 2010

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild- Create the most powerful demon deck as a ghost agent

Ayakashi: Ghost Guild is a free role-playing / card battle game with a rich story line of the battles with ghosts and other agents.

Enjoy the world of Ayakashi: Ghost Guild filled with gorgeously designed demon cards and beautiful music!

As a ghost agent, players try to come to grips with the mysterious events occurring around them. These events are being triggered by legendary creatures with enigmatic power beyond comprehension. Players must attempt to gain control of ghosts and bring them under their power, changing them to a demon. Throughout the rich story line, players must battle against scores of ghosts as well as rival agents.

The game boasts gorgeous demons from all over the world, emanating from three distinct origins – Phantom, Divina, and Anima. Drawing the player deep into the game, they must fight through spectacular battles to collect them all and complete the Demon Scroll.

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